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Install and Setup

1.How to Install and Setup of Inflatables?
1).please check the working place is even and smooth without sharp and keen points before using the inflatables;
2).Position on a level ground area.
3).Lay out ground sheet in the area you have chosen for installation.
4).Open the package carefully and avoid using sharp knife or blades.
5).Remove unit from storage bag spread it completely.
6). Install ground stakes around perimeter
7).Close zipper flaps on rear of unit to make sure it is closed and secure.
8).Connect blower to tube, making sure Velcro strap is firmly secure.
9).Ensure the blowers will be connecting with the correct and steady electric voltage to avoid blowers burn-out;
10).Blower systems require a 20 amp service each.
11).Spread the units especially the column to help inflation.
12). Secure all tethers after the unit is fully inflated.
13). Do a safety check of blowers, slide & climb covers.
14).Do not operate in winds over 20mph.

2. How to maintain inflatable games?
1).Do not put the inflatable products under the temperature over 80 degree
2).Do not put the inflatable products under the rain
3).Please avoid walking on the inflatable products in the shoes
4).Keep the inflatable products far away the sharp goods when playing.
5).Ensure the inflatable product dry totally before store it, especially for the thread. It needs to be blowed dry after the rainy or humid days.
6).Do not store the inflatable products under the wet situation
7).Keep clean. It needs to be cleansed by clear water regularly.
8).Please ensure inflatable products are packed in our provided bags then store it

3. How to repair inflatable games?
1).The newly stitched threads need gluing firmly for children may rub them. If the adhibiting strip comes off, please glue it at once. If the pinprick gets bigger, please glue it or it will cause air leak and reduce the rigidity.
2).If there is joint breakages after long use, please glue them promptly. When necessary, it should stitch the joint breakages first, then be glued.
3).The conditions for gluing:

a). Air Dehumidification;

b).The Temperature above 20o.
4).The methods of gluing:

a). Make the adhibiting strip and the adhibited surface clean.

b). Apply the glue evenly and thin.

c). Put two together and squash heavily when the glue gets white.

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