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We Use Only the Finest Quality Materials in All of Our Products

Posted: Feb 07.2023   Views: 2794


All of our vinyl is designed to be the strongest, and most supple in the industry. Our vinyl meets or exceeds all FR standards required in the industry today including the NFPA 701 Small and Large Scale standard.


Our Vinyl material are "Lead Free", which means that the lead content in our material is below 90PPM.CPSIA and California Prop #65 compliance limits are 300PPM.


All games are sewn using high quality thread from American and Efrid.


Our netting is a small mesh that is easy to see through, and does not allow children to put their fingers through. Our netting is rated at 10,000 psi, and meets NFPA 701 Small and Large Scale standard.


We use high quality components on all of our products, i.e. hook & loop, clips, webbing, rings, etc...


Products and games are packaged to arrive in a professional manner.

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